Fossil Collection

Nautiloid - The main predators during the early Palaeozoic era. They come in a wide variety of shell shapes and sizes. While over 2,500 different fossil nautiloid species have been discovered, there are only a handful that survive today.
Trilobite Trilobite - First appeared in the Cambrian era where they flourished through the lower Paleozoic before slowly declining and eventually becoming extinct at the end of the Permian era, 250 million years ago. The most diverse group of animal species found in the fossil record with over 15,000 different species.
Petrified Wood Petrified Wood - A piece of wood where all the original organic materials has been replaced with a variety of minerals, most often quartz.
Pelecypoda Pelecypoda - An ancient relative of the modern clam.
Fern Fossil Fern Fossil - A rock where an imprint of a fern, long since decayed, can be found.
Egg Fragment Egg Fragment - A fragment of an egg, species unknown
Mosasaur Vertebrate Mosasaur Vertebrate - A serpentine marine reptile. Not a dinosaur. First appeared in the early Cretaceous and became the dominate sea predator by the Upper Cretaceous.
Dinosaur Bone Dinosaur Bone - Species unknown. Dinosaurs where the dominate vertebrate animals on land for over 160 million years. Modern birds are there descendents.
Fossiliferous Rock Fossiliferous Rock - A rock rich in fossils. Usually aquatic animals are found this way.
Fish Fossil Fish Fossil - A fossil of a prehistoric fish.
Echiobero Echiobero - Ancestor of the sea urchin.
Exirya Exirya - A Cretaceous mollusk