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Name: Donna May Piccola Roscoe

Occupation: Wonders of Wildlife docent (WOW) and a Wildlife Stewart for New Hampshire Fish and Game

Donna Roscoe is an avid wildlife enthusiast and naturalist. She never met a wildflower she didn't try to identify. Every family vacation requires an extra bag just for identification books. On one such vacation, she met another fellow nature enthusiast. They went on a two hour scheduled nature hike together. Three hours later they had only gone 100 yards. What was so interesting about the hike - mushrooms. Imagine how long it would have taken if they looked at fungus too.

As a Wonders of Wildlife Docent or WOW, she presents NH Fish and Game educational programs to unsuspecting 2nd – 8th graders in New Hampshire. The state provided the training and materials for the 4 programs: Pond Ecology, Wetlands, Habitats and Habits, and Endangered Species. But true to form, she puts her own twist onto them like dressing a student as an aquatic insect – watch out for the meaning behind the snorkel. As a Wildlife Steward, she presents Fish and Game’s two adult programs, The Bobcat; The Bear. It is part of a partially federally funded program aimed at increasing public awareness of the federal Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration programs and the important Fish and Game projects they fund. As usual, both are volunteer positions but they gave her name tags and a shirt.

Since 1992 she has been actively involved in River Study, a 4th grade environmental program presented in some of the Fairfield County school districts. This program is unique in that it instructs both parents and students about river ecology and environmental awareness. It took her 6 years to finally successfully change it from an enrichment program sponsored by the PTA into the regular Ridgefield 4th grade science curriculum. It wasn't easy either. For years she was in charge of the adult on-site training in Ridgefield and is still involved in the adult classroom training. They don't call her The River Queen for nothing.

She's been a volunteer for the Discovery Center at Ridgefield for years. The Discovery Center is a nonprofit organization located in Ridgefield, Connecticut whose goal is to foster an appreciation of nature, science, history, and the arts. Even though she moved away from Ridgefield, they will not let her resign from the board. She continues to help out from a distance in a variety of ways like posting their programs on the web-site and in their newsletter, plus writing an occasional program. She was famous for keeping odd items in the freezer for them. Beware the bag at the bottom - it just may contain something you don't want to know about and definitely don't want to eat. For example, it already has contained an opossum, fox, fawn, raccoon, and a skunk. She didn't even tell her husband about the skunk until it was sent to the taxidermist. Now all these have been mounted and being used in educational programs. So you don't have to send the health department out.

She was a long time volunteer for the Girl Scouts where she somehow took on the nickname of Goddess. At one point she was co-manager for the 2,000 Girl Scouts (girls and women) in Ridgefield, their registrar for ten years, for many years part of the encampment committee, and for 5 years co-organizer for the huge 6th grade and up End of Year Ceremony. Currently she helps develop Girl Scout programs for the Discovery Center.

She has a long list of past paying careers which started out as a "paperboy" for the Hartford Times, moved to factory worker, dairy bar waitress, AAA employee for many years which included international tour escort, travel agent in a couple of states and lastly office manager for the Law Firm of Rogers & Tartaro, LLP. At present, she is no longer working for a paycheck but expanding her horizons by taking courses and attending conferences to become a better naturalist. But mostly, she’s riding shotgun with Dad and caretaking the new house in New Hampshire. Rumor has it she has become an expert at snow plowing.

And now for the fun stuff: She's utterly hopeless when it comes to working many electronic devices, including the play button on the VCR. This creates much entertainment with the rest of the electronic savvy household.

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